DAJ darya is a creative vision born from the personal memoirs of Liat’s family story and a long-standing family business, transported from a textile company to an inspiring young and modern studio, all in the Middle East.

Identity / character

The name DAJ darya is as special as Liat’s personal journey. DAJ represents the three pillars of the business – Design, Art, Jewellery – and Darya, is the beautiful name she has always dreamt of granting her child. The birth of her craft now bears this name. DAJ darya jewellery possesses a strong presence and feminine appeal. Each piece exudes a classic yet mischievous and funky spirit, all while undeniably elegant.

The Story

Liat’s roots are woven deep in the heart of the Middle East, and extend to Europe. Her mother’s family owned a luxury textile business led by her grandfather, while her paternal grandfather was a jeweller and the owner of a well-known boutique and atelier. As a child, she found an immense wealth of joy when visiting her grandparents. With a basement stacked from floor to ceiling in textiles from around the world, the only inspiration to leave was an equally exciting chance to visit her grandfather’s jewellery boutique. There too, she was dazzled by diamonds on display and enthralled by his leather-bound table on which he created all his prototypes to life. Those early experiences were not only exciting from the eyes of a child, but were also the formation years behind her artistic discovery, leading her to eventually experiment with fabric and metal. Her home morphed into a work studio, consumed by material. It was in those intimate moments that Liat found an outlet for her artistic expression and began to create unique, one-off pieces. She has mastered her “Fusion Technique” which combines her European and Middle Eastern roots to pour the light of her soul into every piece of jewellery you wear.
Textile has texture & movement that no stone has