Zhaleh Collection

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Dawn to dusk, work and play, the Moyebafte necklace is perfect for every occasion with braided black pasmanterie and a 24K brass gold-plated brass chain.

Zhaleh A

Viscose pasmanterie interlaces like a loose braid with glossy gold-plated elements and clasp lock fastening. A great standalone piece that can also be worn stacked with similar styles. 24k gold plated elements.

Zhaleh B

The alter ego of its twin bracelet Zhaleh A, viscose pasmanterie bands elegantlly interlace with a sleek, 24K gold-plated mystery.


"Lunne is an expression of eternal bonds forged many moons ago, woven to the depths of the sea and ever interconnected. Set in a 24K gold plated ring.

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