Handling and Care

DAJ Darya jewelry is made of very delicate elements, as each piece is made by hand, combining textile with metal. Please take note that DAJ Darya jewelry should be handled with care at all times. The following guidelines will help you to preserve the original quality and textile composition in some pieces so you can enjoy the jewelry for years to come.

1. Jewelry should be stored separately to avoid scratching.

2. Store jewelry in the protective DAJ Darya case, away from natural sunlight and humid places such as bathroom or heat.

3. Clean your jewelry using the yellow microfiber cloth to maintain a shiny look.

4. Remove jewelry with textile elements when handling flammable sources such as candles and lighters.

5. Avoid direct contact with perfumes, hairspray or water; these elements may cause jewelry discoloration.

6. Remove jewelry before going to sleep to avoid accidental damage.

7. Do not bathe or swim with the jewelry; chemicals such as chlorine may be harmful to the textile and metal elements.

8. Remove all jewelry prior to any sporting activity, gardening, heavy lifting and applying cosmetics.


For further questions on how to maintain your Daj Darya collection, you may contact us on info@dajdarya.com